Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing at BIC Sant Agustí

Mental Health is a state of wellbeing where students can meet their learning potential, cope with normal stresses, and are connected to community and friends. At BIC Sant Agustí we promote Mental Health and Wellbeing as a core part of education, helping students flourish in their educational journey, building resilience and providing them with the skills and confidence to seek help for early intervention. As a whole school approach, we involve everyone from leaders, teachers and parents to embed a safe and inclusive learning culture and environment.

On Monday 17th January, BIC Sant Agustí held a parent workshop with the aim of introducing BIC Sant Agustí’s Mental Health and Wellbeing programme and giving useful advice to families about how they can help and assist their children throughout their educational journey.

We are delighted to share the full recording as well as the presentation and we hope this session will help all parents to explore strategies and methods we use in school.