We offer a rich variety of afterschool club activities ranging from ballet to sailing. There's something to delight and inspire everyone.

After-school activities at BIC, Sant Agustí are designed to provide the opportunity for your child to learn new interests and explore and develop these outside of the classroom.

After a long day in class after-school activities allow students to pursue areas of interest outside of the curriculum. After-school clubs vary from term to term however we aim to offer a wide range of activities, for example, musical theatre, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, art, robotics and so much more, as well as a number of academic clubs.

Parents will be given details at the start of each academic term.

After-school Clubs 2023-24

There are a range of after-school activities available from 4 to 5pm. These include different sports, art, musical theatre, piano lessons and yoga. For further information about these clubs, please consult the administration team in the school office by emailing administration.san@balearesint.net.

For any activities or clubs where student numbers are limited, places will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Places are reviewed termly and parents are notified of availability.

Students should be collected promptly at the end of their activity. In case of a delayed pick-up or emergency, parents must notify the instructor before/at the end of the school day.

Breakfast Club - 8am to 8.45am

The school provides a breakfast club for students in case parents needs to bring their child earlier to school. This club requires pre-booking by emailing administration.san@balearesint.net.

Payments are handled directly by the teacher at a cost of 5€ per day.