Congratulations to students at Baleares International College who are celebrating yet another year of outstanding examination results.

This year’s IGCSE and A-Level results have been outstanding. The percentage of students achieving at least 5 passes at IGCSE including English and maths was 86%, these excellent figures hide even more impressive results, such as in Spanish where 72% of students secured the highest possible grade of A*. This was matched by our Sixth Form students who also achieved an A Level A*, A and B of 83% and A* to C of 93%.

Baleares International College continues to lead the way on the island for outstanding academic success and enabling all students to move on to their chosen universities or careers.

IGCSE 2022 Results


% of students passing with grades A*/A


% of students achieving at least 5 passes at IGCSE including English and maths


% of students passing Spanish GCSE with grade A*

Advance Level 2022 Results


% of students passing with grades A*, A


% of students passing with grades A* to C


% of students passing with grades A*, A or B

With academic excellence being one of the reasons parents choose our school, the successes of this summer have yet again set high expectations for our incoming cohorts. We look forward to continuing to inspire, stretch, challenge and support all our students throughout their time with us.

These results could only have been achieved by experienced teachers working with relatively small groups of well-motivated students who enjoy the support of families who really value education.

Celebrating the students’ fantastic achievements, Principal Alison Colwell said,

Estos excelentes resultados son testimonio de su arduo trabajo y de la excelente enseñanza que han recibidoen nuestra escuela. Estábamos decididos a no permitir que los desafíos de la pandemia impactaran negativamente a nuestros estudiantes. Hoy estoy muy orgullosa no solo de sus excelentes logros, sino también del valor y el compromiso de mi personal durante los últimos dos años. Nuestros estudiantes graduados, ahora pasan a la siguiente etapa de sus vidas con confianza, confianza en sí mismos y sin límites en lo que pueden hacer.

Alison ColwellDirectora