​We are delighted to share with you details of this year’s Summer BBQ that will take place on Friday 21st June!

ALL students, parents, friends and families are invited to join us in school on Friday 21st June to enjoy our BIC Summer BBQ. On this special day, students are encouraged to come in wearing non-uniform to match our Floral / Summer theme and dress code. Parents and friends are invited to do the same!

There will be water fun & games, food & drinks, live music, BIC Raffle, bouncy castle and so much more! Our swimming pool will be in use for everyone to spend a carefree afternoon having a great time mingling with our community.

During the BBQ, we will also be raising money towards chosen charities, as well as the school library, through our famous BIC Raffle! Don't miss out on some fantastic prizes - tickets are available from Reception at €1 each.

We look forward to celebrating another fantastic year with you, please feel free to bring along your friends and family to enjoy the afternoon with us.

See you there!