The outgoing Year 13 at BIC Sa Porrassa have yet again shown how A´levels are the gold standard in the post-16 educational world, with outstanding exam success, and all students getting accepted into university. Every grade awarded was a C or above, with over half being the highest grades possible of A or A*, across a range of subjects.

In particular, we offer heartfelt congratulations to Leticia Rehbock who heads off to read International Finance and Banking at City University in London, Annabel Brown to read geography at Southampton (UK), Elisa Kraus to read psychology at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Anna Metreveli to study computer graphics at La Salle (Spain).

In addition, and although most of the GCSE grades will be released next week, the results we have received so far have again demonstrated outstanding results for our outgoing Year 11 students, with a pass rate of over 85% in both English and maths, and over 90% in foreign languages, over half of these again being the highest grades of A and A*. BIC Sa Porrassa continues to be very much leading the way on the island for academic success!