A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear Parents,

You often hear me speak or write about the mission of our school, about our high standards and expectations, the importance of high quality teaching and learning and the necessity to stretch and challenge our students. Of course, we are a school and our main purpose is to provide a first class education to your children. But a very important part of that education is our children and young people's moral development, their characters, instilling in them values and principles, and helping to develop them into confident, kind and responsible young people.

BIC is an inclusive school, where we put great importance on the quality of our pastoral care. We welcome children of all abilities and we aim to provide a nurturing, nourishing environment in which they can thrive. We believe that only happy children will learn to the best of their ability and reach their potential. There are many ways in which we endeavour to do this. We place great importance on values and on discussing and reflecting on what is important and why. We have specific teaching - PSHE in primary school and Global Citizenship in secondary - whose purpose is to help children learn about the world, about relationships, about different cultures and societies, about health and well-being. We promote kindness, charity and looking after others, and we dedicate time and plan activities to do this. We have staff with a specific role around the children's pastoral care, Ms Von Waberer, Ms Cull and Mme Etienne. However, we all know from our own school days the teacher (or teachers) who we had a special relationship with, and who we could talk to when things went wrong, and that is the culture we promote here: that every member of staff is a pastoral one. I also make it very clear in my expectations to current staff and in all recruitment that loving and caring for children is a prerequisite to work here.

In these challenging times, this duty of care has never been more central to our work.

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell

Principal, BIC Sa Porrassa

Mrs Elizabeth Compton - Head of Primary

Dear families,

Children’s experiences in primary school set the stage for their success in later years. At this time, teachers need to create a learning climate that is supportive and encouraging, and that nurtures children’s motivation to learn. Each child arrives in the classroom with a unique set of experiences that affects them. It is extremely important that teachers understand the challenges each child faces and provide the support they need. For students who feel “different”, a teacher who believes in them can make the difference between their success and failure in school.

Socially as children move through primary school they become focused on peer relationships. They form close friendships – and can experience intense conflict. Through our pastoral support we create a learning climate that fosters both academic and social confidence. All our staff take their role in pastoral care as a priority alongside academic rigour and high standards. Ms Von Waberer as our Pastoral Lead for primary is always on hand to support students, parents and staff. She has dedicated time to meet all new primary students and ensure they are aware of her role and how she is also available if they have any concerns with friendships, conflict or simply just want to talk.

This week I have been revisiting the conflict resolution strategy of the wheel of choice with students, and building their confidence to take ownership of small problems they can resolve.

Here are recommended books to support conflict resolution through reading at home. https://bookroo.com/books/topics/resolving-conflict

Next week we look forward to Thursday when we will be holding our own “Wear it Pink” event, in support of “Breast Cancer Awareness Day” and followed on Friday with our infamous Halloween dress up day to end this half term in style!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms Elizabeth Compton

Head of Primary

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Halloween Disco FB banner
Halloween Dress Up Day! - Primary

Elevating our Students' Voices

I really enjoyed Mrs von Waberer’s humanities lesson. In humanities I liked how Mrs von Waberer explained what BCE and CE means as well as BC and AD. We learnt about different empires in the world and placed them on a timeline. My favourite empire is the Greek empire because I like the alphabet and the beautiful landscapes and buildings.

Year 6 student - Riogh Akbar Jacob

This week I enjoyed PSHE where we had to present 30 second speeches about a random topic to practise speaking in front of people. My topic was chocolate so I talked about facts about chocolate. I thought mine was quite good. In maths we played bingo to practise our multiplication and then we did funny maths challenges which were very tricky. In languages we had a test in which I felt quite confident. After that we talked about where we have been to over the long weekend. In ICT we had to make a photobomb. We edited animals in places they shouldn’t be like a polar bear in a fire station. This week was extremely fun!

Year 6 student - Jakob Benda

Celebrating Success

We are proud to announce the KS2 Primary House and Vice Captains as follows:

Congratulations to all involved.

Year 3:

  • Roosevelt - Captain Cheo Moran, Vice captain Sebastian Goodson
  • Parks - Captain Mahek Sawlani, Vice captain Arthur Aleksandrov
  • Winton - Captain Imogen Sowerby, Vice captain Rebecca Froehlich
  • Galileo - Captain Ke´ra Fonseca, Vice captain Benjamin Sanchez

Year 4:

  • Roosevelt - Captain Douglas Alonso-Mcgregor, Vice captain Ezekiel Kingston-Bray
  • Parks - Captain Soren Hohenberger, Vice captain Salome Rubí Amarís
  • Winton - Captain Micol (Minmin) Destefanis, Vice captain Anna Clara Le Bras
  • Galileo - Captain Toby Ollard, Vice captain Mac Cumber

Year 5:

  • Roosevelt - Captain Clio Von Waberer, Vice Captain Oscar Bakes
  • Parks - Captain Ben Yamamoto, Vice Captain Lilly Butcher
  • Winton - Captain Alexandra Mauri Castro, Vice captain Kenza Samson Dumbrava
  • Galileo - Captain Genevieve Walsh, Vice captain Beatrice Fernandez

Year 6:

  • Roosevelt - Captain Luis Mayol, Vice captain Sophia Brown
  • Parks - Captain - Orion Stephens, Vice captain Yuna Jutting
  • Winton - Captain Daniel Meynell, Vice captain Alva Garcia Caso
  • Galileo - Captain Marlene Hansen, Vice captain Maria Kharchenko
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Early Years Class with Ms Wardle

As we switched to online learning this week we continued to revisit and revise everything we had introduced in the classroom. In maths we practised counting carefully and ordering numbers by size. Many children can recite the numbers but counting needs to be taught and practised daily.

“'Reciting means saying the numbers from memory in chronological order, whereas counting involves understanding that each item in the set is counted once and that the last number stated is the amount for the entire set,'

'When children are just reciting, they’re basically repeating what seems like a memorised sentence. When they’re counting, they’re performing a more cognitive activity in which they’re associating a one-to-one correspondence with the object and the number to represent a quantity.'”

Louis Manfra, an assistant professor in Missouri University's Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

Counting is great fun for young children and can be done through play, stories, music and movement, all of which we have done online this week.

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Early Years Class at BIC Sa Porrassa

Key Stage 1 news - Year 1 and Year 2

Over the past two weeks the children have done some excellent work in Year 1. Through their work in maths the children have been focusing on understanding and making addition number sentences. This was a challenge at first but they showed great perseverance. As you can see from the photos we did this very practically which really helped the children build their understanding.

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Key Stage 1 news - Year 1 and Year 2

In our humanities topic ‘The Magic Toymaker’ children have also enjoyed continuing to investigate toys. We had a great speaking and listening session where the children got the chance to talk about their favourite toy, telling us all why it is special to them and why they enjoy playing with it. We also looked at the old toys of some parents and school staff who had generously loaned to us for our topic. As a class we compared and discussed if we had ever seen any of these toys before and how some of them were made from different materials. Mrs Walsh´s spinning top was of a particular hit.

The children have had a good week of online learning this week. It has been great to interact with the children virtually and see how well they took to the transition to online learning during their temporary period at home. Once again this transition has been seamless. I must congratulate everyone for their fantastic effort and achievements this week. They have engaged so well with all the activities and produced some brilliant work at home. In Year one in English we have continued to work on writing descriptive labels using nouns and adjectives. As you can see from the photos the children worked very hard and are really getting to grips with this. They chose some very original characters for their work. Well done everyone.

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Key Stage 1 news - Year 1 and Year 2

Lower Key Stage 2 news - Year 3 and Year 4

The students in Year 3 have continued to work exceptionally hard this term and they have always come into school motivated and ready to try their very best in everything that they do.

In English we have continued to read from our text, The Twits, and we read more about the terrible and mean pranks which Mr and Mrs Twit play on one another. Our challenge this week was to make up a trick of our own and then create a storyboard which sequenced the trick, using a range of imperative verbs. Some of our tricks were not very nice! Lilien and Rebecca used an eyeball from a dead hyena for their trick, Lili and Emma used mouldy cheese and mixed it into some pasta and Romeo and Alex´s trick involved getting a dead fish from a river and putting it in a bed!

I enjoyed working in a team to create ideas for our trick


I loved hearing about how funny the different tricks were

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Lower Key Stage 2 news - Year 3 and Year 4

This week in art we have been studying the works of a famous artist. Guiseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter who lived nearly 500 years ago. He was famous for drawing and painting portraits made entirely of fruit and vegetables. From our previous science learning, we know just how important fruit and vegetables are in our diets. We planned and created our own Arcimboldo inspired fruit and vegetable faces. Take a look at some of our wonderful portraits.

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Lower Key Stage 2 news - Year 3 and Year 4

It was exciting making faces from different fruit and vegetables, I used bunches of grapes to make the hair


I thought it was a great idea to have apples for ears and a big onion as a neck


We have continued exploring the human skeleton in our science topic and this week we have been learning the scientific names of the human bones. We really enjoyed locating the different bones on Sammy the Skeleton.

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Lower Key Stage 2 news - Year 3 and Year 4

In Year 3T this week we have seen some amazing examples of independent work, where the students have challenged themselves to further their learning at home. Rebecca was inspired by the sea and the mountains to create this wonderful painting. In addition, Lilien is enjoying her science lessons so much that she continued to learn all about the animal kingdom and created this fantastic poster. They were both very eager to share her learning with the class.

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Lower Key Stage 2 news - Year 3 and Year 4

Upper Key Stage 2 news - Year 5 and Year 6

Editing and improving writing

This week, Year 5 have been focusing on editing and improving their writing. Editing writing is a skill for life, so it's vital that students master it in primary school. Learning how to successfully edit their own writing helps students to become good communicators. This is not just important in their educational lives but will help them in their future careers, too.

How do editing skills help students ?

  • Being able to write correctly and fluently is incredibly important at school and everyday life. It allows children to communicate their ideas and be creative when putting pen to paper.
  • This skill also demands children to read language, phrases and text carefully and thoroughly. By pointing out mistakes in their writing and other people's work, they undergo a process of critical reflection. The latter is a crucial skill for engaging with all forms of information and develops children's overall understanding of the world around them.
  • By editing their written work, children can develop their skills in independent writing tasks and feel encouraged when seeing progress from teachers' feedback.
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Students editing their descriptive writing about their dragons. By Kaitlyn
By Marc
By Clio

The students enjoyed feeling like a teacher although editing is not only about spotting mistakes but about enhancing writing through well chosen adjectives and adverbs. This week’s challenge was to write a powerful piece of writing which has a variety of sentence starters, different sentence types, excellent punctuation, similes, metaphors and hooks the reader with rhetorical questions. Click the link below to find out more about sentence starters.

Writing strategies-6 ways to start a sentence.

In the Primary department, the students often study through a cross-curricular theme. This offers a creative way to develop children's knowledge, skills and understanding while motivating them to learn through stimulating, interconnected topics.

Year 5 have enthusiastically approached this term’s history focus on the Vikings, in particular learning why the Viking longships were so vital to their successes. To find out more watch Secrets of the Vikings: The Viking longship

During their English lessons they have developed their literacy, punctuation and grammar skills through studying the book ‘How to Train your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. The book is about a group of young boys embarking on a journey to become part of their village's Viking clan. It’s a powerful story with many life lessons entwined within it; be yourself, be compassionate, be bold…

Through this book, the students have become ‘mad about dragons.’ They have thrown themselves passionately into all our dragon activities; descriptive writing, non- fiction writing, sketching, painting and reciting dragon poetry.

So if you could train a dragon what would you get it to do ?

As Dylon said, ‘because dragons are magical beings, the possibilities are endless…’

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Upper Key Stage 2 news - Year 5 and Year 6

Languages department news

October is the month of Halloween and to celebrate it during the Spanish lessons with Señorita Lahoz, Year 2 has been learning vocabulary about it. We watched a funny video where the Day of the Dead in Mexico is explained with a song. We also had the opportunity to read a story about this day and to realise how special it is in Mexico, especially because it is not a sad day. Then we played some funny and not scary games to learn different customs. The best part of being at home and having our cameras on was that some of us could share our own Halloween things: the Halloween decoration of a window, an arm with blood, scary masks…

¡Feliz Halloween!

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Whole School House System news

Voting for captains:

What an exciting week it has been. The House leaders would like to congratulate all of the students that presented a speech to their House team, explaining why they should be voted for as the captain. It was definitely a difficult decision due to the fantastic speeches. Each team voted for their captain and vice captain placing their vote into the voting box which was later counted and checked. The captains will be announced in the year group assemblies and captain badges will be awarded.


The House page on Canvas is now up and running. Please accept your invitation if you have not already and visit your House page. This is where new House competitions will be announced and entries will be accepted. Watch this space!

Harvest collection:

Over the past few years we have requested donations from parents to give to the “soup kitchen” for the homeless of Palma, Zaqueo, as a Harvest Festival. The number of homeless has sadly grown during the pandemic.

Therefore we are asking if your child can please bring an item into their form room where it can be placed into a box. Each box will represent a house team. Let's see which team can collect the most items to donate. The closing date for donations will be Thursday 5th November. We thank you in advance for your support. Some suggested items are: pasta, cooked lentils/chickpeas, toothpaste, milk, small shampoo, bath gel etc..

Competition: This week students have been working hard in their sport lessons to practise for the burpees challenge. This is linked to this term´s fitness activities. The challenge is to do as many burpees as you can in one minute and the teacher will record the score. Good luck to everyone.

House Points Totals Update

Our students have had an excellent start to the year and have been receiving House points from staff for the following reasons:

  • Showing kindness
  • Excellent class participation
  • Excellent class work
  • Excellent homework
  • Representing the school
  • 100% attendance and punctuality for the week
  • Inter-House Competition
  • Showing independence
  • Showing confidence
  • Showing integrity

The current totals show that it is very close between the Houses. Keep up the good work everyone!

Winton GalileoRooseveltParks


Dear Parents,

In the upcoming weeks I would like to talk about the four committees and what our goal is as a PTA.

As part of our PTA we have a representative for each Year. The main role of a PTA representative is to build strong working relationships among parents and teachers within their Year group, in support of our students. We are currently looking for representatives for the following Year groups: Reception, YR1, YR 5, YR 7 and YR9. If anyone would be interested in becoming one of our Year Group Representatives or would like to get involved in any one of our four committees (Events, Environmental, Welcome and Expertise) please send an email to me (Paula Cannady), my email address is: paulasuecannady@gmail.com

We will be in touch soon to organise our next get together.

Kind regards,

Paula Cannady

PTA Chairwoman

Open Days at Baleares International College

Our next Open Days will be held in October across both BIC schools, Sant Agustí and Sa Porrassa.


  • Sant Agustí Campus: Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Sa Porrassa Campus: Tuesday 20th October 2020

This is an ideal opportunity for you and your child to gain an insight into student life here at BIC.

These are whole school Open Days, suitable for all families with children between the age of 2 - 18 looking to find the right school. Due to Covid restrictions, it is important that you let us know if you would like to attend any of our Open Days as we will be organising the tours at different time slots, tailored to the specific Year group(s) you are interested in.

Following these opportunities to tour our facilities, BIC Sa Porrassa and BIC Sant Agustí will be holding a Virtual Open Day to offer families the opportunity to get a better idea of our schools. A Virtual Open Day is a great opportunity for you to learn about our School and enter in a live Q and A session with our Principal and Leadership Team.

To register for our Virtual Open Day please click on the following link

- BIC Sa Porrassa Virtual Open Day a whole through from school ages 3 to 15 accommodated in a large, custom-built school situated in the beautiful, rural environment of Calvià.

- BIC Sant Agustí Virtual Open Day - an Early Years and Primary specialised School located in the wonderful neighbourhood of Sant Agustí, Palma

In order to organise a tour at either or both of our Open Days, please contact us directly:

  • San Agustí - office.san@balearesint.net | (+34) 971 403 161
  • Sa Porrassa - office@balearesint.net | (+34) 971 133 167

We look forward welcoming you to Baleares International College

Open Day IG tile 20 21 T1 BIC
Open Days at Baleares International College

Wear it Pink! - Breast Cancer Awareness Day!

This Thursday, 22nd of October, we will be holding our own “Pink Thursday” event, in support of “Breast Cancer Awareness Day”. We will be selling official merchandising and all the money raised will go to the AECC (Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer).

So please on Thursday...

  • Mums and dads wear something pink on that day so we can show the children that we are all supporting this cause
  • Students are able to wear something pink
  • Come along to the stalls at the start and end of the day to buy a bag or other item

Raising Awareness:

Our aim is not just to raise money but raise awareness. This illness affects both women and men. 90% of people affected win the battle due to early detection. During November (date to be confirmed) we will hold a talk/conference for parents and staff with the president of AECC. Please take a look at these websites to get more information:

We look forward to celebrating with you all the battles that have been won. We would like to thank you in advance for your unconditional support and please bring along your PINK ENERGY on Thursday and spread the pink spirit!

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Wear it Pink! - Breast Cancer Awareness Day!