Despite finishing their final year of GCSEs in a pandemic, with all the uncertainty and anxiety of lock-down, and learning remotely for their final months, the BIC Year 11 class of 2020 should feel immensely proud of themselves, as should their teachers. Over a third of all the exam results awarded were the top grade of 9-7, or A/A*, a quite exceptional achievement of the students and the school. Overall, of all the exams, the pass rate was an incredible 90%.

Last week's superb results in English language (95% pass rate), maths (86%) and Spanish (85%) were matched by the rest of the results published today. In history, geography, drama, French, chemistry and biology every single student passed at level 4/grade C or above, with the very top grades secured in every subject. In business studies the pass rate was 89%, English literature 90% and in computer science 92%, with two students achieving the highest grade possible, level 9.

It is hard to single out individuals in a Year group in which every student has done so well, but special congratulations go to Eli Anderson, Paula Barcelo Garcia, Phoebe Wake, Theo Anderson and Olivia Taylor who all achieved 10 GCSEs at grade C or above, and secured the highest grades possible (level 7 to 9, the equivalent of an A or A*) in 5 out of those 10; Niklas Dienstl achieving 6 out of his 10 passes at those top grades; Brooke Judkins achieving 8 out of her 10 at the top grades; Renat Dobonian where an amazing 9 out of his 10 passes were the top grades (securing an impressive 3 grade 9s in computer science, math and physics); and George Gray whose superb achievement is gaining the equivalent of A or A* in every one of his 10 grades (with a remarkable 5 at grade 9).

Well done to every one of our departing Year 11s, and we look forward to welcoming many of you back into our sixth form next month!