Be kind. Try your best. Nothing else matters.

Last June, I was absolutely delighted to be offered the chance to come and work on the beautiful island of Mallorca at Baleares International College. Whilst Mallorca itself has so much to offer, it must be said that what has really impressed me has been the warmth with which I have been welcomed by the staff, students and parents here at BIC. I have been made to feel part of the community and for that I am thankful.

Previous to BIC, I have enjoyed working in Germany, Colombia, Malaysia and England. I have had the benefit of working with fantastic teachers and students over the last fifteen years. As teachers, we are not only involved in teaching our children, we are involved in our own learning journey every day of our career. On a daily basis, we learn strategies that work best to support our students. Similarly, we also find strategies that work less well. As we say to our students, it is okay to step out of our comfort zone and try something new - it is how we learn. Going beyond the day-to-day journey, I am so very thankful to the many colleagues who I have learnt from in my previous schools and I certainly look forward to learning more from my colleagues here at BIC, as we strive to give our students the best experience.

After what has been an incredibly challenging year, especially for those on our island, I feel immensely privileged to not only be employed, but to be employed in a job that I love. To have the opportunity to do something that we love is a chance that is sadly not afforded to everyone. My ambition to be a teacher stemmed from the belief that I wanted the students to have the same wonderful opportunities that have been open to me in my life. I put my hand on my heart when I say to my students that I want them to have just as many doors open to them whenever they choose to leave BIC; doors that will ultimately lead them to a happy and fulfilling life.

I am looking forward to working with the BIC community to provide a happy, challenging and ultimately rewarding learning experience for our children.