A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear families,

One of my many mantras is "Less is more", and this week you will see that we are trialling that approach in our newsletter. Each week we showcase the outstanding teaching and learning that goes on in our school, as well as the excellent extra curricular activities, competitions, sporting activities and general news and events. From the feedback we get, we believe that what parents enjoy the most is seeing photos and videos of this in action, rather than lots of text. So we are responding to that with a shorter newsletter but one that, we hope, still captures all the fantastic things that go on at BIC Sa Porrassa. Please let us know your thoughts.

And talking of feedback, may I make one last push to remind you all, please, to complete the parent survey. As I have said before, the more feedback the better and I reflect on every conversation and email I have with any parent. A survey is at its most useful when it is as representative as possible, so if you haven’t yet done so please do complete one by the deadline of Monday 1st. Please remind your friends to do so as well!

Have a great weekend

Alison Colwell,

Principal, BIC Sa Porrassa

Mrs Alexandra Tomlinson - Head of Secondary

It has been wonderfully energising this week to have seen the pantomime being filmed throughout the school. The substantial number of students taking part was very encouraging. The enjoyment which our students took in their participation in the show was palpable in the corridors and it was clear that everything had been beautifully rehearsed with such hard work and commitment. This is no mean feat (take it from someone who has directed the odd panto here and there!), so huge thanks must go to Ms. Mayes for directing and choreographing, Dr. Cruttenden for writing the script and Mr. Darlow for filming and editing, as well as to all of the staff who helped out behind the scenes. I am certain that we shall all enjoy watching the final performance online with a cup of tea and a biscuit when it is on general release very soon!

I shall take into the weekend the uplifting atmosphere of merriment and community which filled the building and reached us all during the production days. It is for this reason that we are committed to developing drama, dance, music and art at BIC - to ensure that every student has the opportunity to profoundly encounter these in school, beginning a lifelong appreciation for the Arts. For, to love the Arts is to know happiness and to be in love with life.

Mrs Tomlinson

Head of Secondary

Mr John Barter - Head of Sixth Form

Preparing for life beyond BIC

Yesterday we held our University Conference webinar. It is a strange but pleasant irony that we teach our young people with a view to seeing them leave us. Our ultimate task is to ensure that when young people leave us at the end of their schooling, they are equipped with the grades, academic and personal skills and sense of confident independence to go off to their chosen destination with their heads held high, knowing that they stand up to scrutiny from universities or employers and match (or better) any competition.

The pathway chosen by students has to be their own choice but obviously with some input from parents as you may well need to fund next steps. My view is that young people face a much more elongated working life due to rising pension ages and that there is no rush to get into the world of work. I think students should find time to develop their skills, thoughts and maturity before they embark on a professional life. University is a way for students to gradually work their way into a more independent lifestyle. It also offers a chance to make some of the best friends and memories of their lives.

It is vital that students pick a course that they are passionate and enthusiastic about. They will not manage three, four or five years of study if they are not. If they think they know a career path they want to follow then they may have to do a particular degree. Research will be required. What are the entry requirements? Could they realistically meet them? Is the course practical or theory based? Does it offer industry experience or time abroad? There is much else that could be done, but for younger students and their parents, this should be the starting point.

A fun way for students to start exploring their post-BIC destination is UCAS Course Search:

https://digital.ucas.com/search . Although it is specifically for UK universities, the general issues arising about courses, the grades required to study them, etc, will be pretty similar in other countries. I wish you all fun in searching exciting futures!

John Barter

Head of Sixth Form


The Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Students in Year 10 and Year 12 have this week been invited to take part in the exciting Duke of Edinburgh International Award. As a school, we have launched our participation in this highly regarded award scheme to provide our students with an avenue of self improvement and development. The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is designed to enrich the lives of young people, open their eyes to a life of service to the community and the joys of nature. As a school we want to offer this in order to enrich our curriculum and further develop the moral fibre of our students.

The scheme is open to young people over 14 years of age and is broken into three awards, gold, silver and bronze - each taken in order. We will be starting with the bronze award which takes at least 6 months to complete. To achieve this award, students must complete four different strands which enables a balanced self development program that covers;

  • Voluntary service
  • Physical recreation
  • Skills
  • Adventurous journey

Details of how the award works can be found at intaward.org

As a school we are providing the framework and continual support needed for each participant to succeed in achieving the required standards. This means encouragement, logistics, facilitating and inspiration. Each student will take a different path towards achieving the bronze award and every student will be able to tailor this towards their own interests and passions. To establish commitment and secure staff and administrative support, a financial contribution will be required. Any interested students need to speak to Mr Sparks to find out more.

To those who wish to take part - a lifetime of wonder, fulfillment and enrichment awaits.

Alan Sparks

DofE Award Coordinator

Creative Media - Drama and Music

In performing arts we have had a very exciting week. It has been time for us to film the school pantomime. ‘Oh no it isn’t!’ I hear you cry……’oh yes it is!’ is our response! Students from Years 2 all the way through to Year 12 took part in our filming on Wednesday. All of the filming was completed to the most up to date health and safety guidance and restrictions, and this did nothing to deter the joy seen from the students involved. The atmosphere around school where we filmed in multiple locations throughout the day was incredibly infectious! For students in Year 10 and 12 who took on our lead roles this actually forms their assessment this term for scripted performance, and once you have had a chance to see it I am sure you will agree they did a fantastic job, as did all of the students involved. There is even a cameo from our very own Ms Colwell! So while you patiently (or not so!) wait for us to complete the editing of the video ready to show you all, here are some sneaky peeks below.

In scene 1 the mice introduce us to the story - but will they get caught by Ms Colwell making a mess of reception with their cheese?

In scene 2 we meet the villagers of Calvia, who want to know what is making Cinderella quite so sad. Let's hope they can cheer her up - perhaps with a song!

In scene 3 the mice lead us and Cinderella through to where we can find her evil step brother and ugly step sisters. We meet them in scene 4, and find out all about the royal ball. Wine in a carton is not welcome at this ball - but giant jars of marmite are! The local villagers are very excited!

In scene 5 the mice try to comfort Cinderella, assuring her they will help her complete all her tasks so she will go to the ball, when they spot some of the local village girls preparing for the ball. Not far behind them in scene 6 are the step sisters and step brother - what mean plans do they have in store for Cinderella?

In scene 7 Cinderella finds herself banished to the tower unable to go to the ball, and the mice wonder if they can conjure up some magic to help. Perhaps Year 2 can help…..

In scene 8 things are finally looking up for Cinders with the appearance of the Fairy Godmother - let's hope she has enough magic in her wand to create everything Cinderella needs to get to the ball - including working her magic on the mice!

In scene 9 the mice (much to their annoyance!) have been transformed into unicorns…….but it seems the magic would only stretch so far to make a carriage out of cardboard…...with limited resources will they get Cinderella to the ball on time?

When we finally make it to the royal ball in scene 10 the village girls are doing everything they can to impress the prince, but none more so than our ugly stepsisters. The royal advisors are not impressed by their antics, but can Prince James see past it all and pick out Cinderella? And what happens when the clock strikes midnight?

In scene 11, the mice are no longer unicorns and are curious as to whether the royal advisors will be able to find Cinderella on their search to find the one who fits the shoe.

They were right to wonder, as in scene 12 we meet the royal advisors in charge, who are bored of searching! So - will they ever find Cinderella?? Or will one of the ugly step sisters get in the way?

And finally the last question - will she say yes? You will have to wait for the final video to see…..

Science department news

Here the students were investigating pulse rate and recovery time so that they could construct a chart they could use to make inferences about fitness levels in Year 7 (the data was anonymous as we analysed a class average).

Here the students were investigating the reactivity of metals based on atomic structure in Year 8.

Here the students in Year 9 were investigating the reactions of metals with acids, linked to the sacrificial paints used to protect the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here is an example of one of our Year 9 students who is trying her absolute best to learn everything about the reactions of metals.

Humanities department news

Here is an extended piece of independent work from one of our Year 7 students who has been studying glaciers.

English department news

As Year 11 move from their mocks to their iGCSE exams, we are busy revising the literature texts the students have studied over the past few years as well as preparing for the iGCSE language exam. As part of our preparation, we will next week - on Wednesday, 3rd February - be running a Romeo and Juliet workshop, in which students will consolidate their knowledge and skills: revising plot, theme and character, with workshops on planning and writing effective literature essays, incorporating context, and analysing language. The sessions will take place from period 4 to the end of the day, and will be invaluable in reinforcing the students' knowledge of the play. 'Come, come with me, and we will make short work...' - Friar Lawrence, Act 2, Scene 6

As we come to the end of the inter-school Rotary debating competition, on Wednesday morning we will celebrate our involvement in an online prize-giving ceremony. We look forward to getting together with the Rotary and the other schools involved in the competition to recognise the success of the students - and of the debating competition - in a year when debating has been taken to the screens. More information will be shared in next week's newsletter.

Whole School House System news

House Bleep Test Competition

Every student from Year 1 to Year 11 have been competing in the bleep test challenge in their PE lessons. The winners from each class will now represent their Houses in the grand final in the last week of term. The secondary final will take place on Tuesday 9th February at lunchtime. The winning students from each class will compete against the 6th formers and staff (all socially distanced of course). The primary final will take place on Thursday 11th.

House Points Totals Update - Term 2


Overall House Points


BIC Slackline Challenge

The first BIC slackline challenge is underway with students balancing their way to success. Year 11 kicked things off last week and this week was the turn of Year 10. Congratulations to the current school top 3: Jamie D for continued persistence and a longest walk of 3.6m, Theo E and Julian S for excellent control and a distance of 3.5m each. Year 9s to take up the challenge next week!

Current leaderboard

  • Jamie D 3.6m
  • Julian S 3.5m
  • Theo E 3.5m
  • Alfie D 2.5m
  • Zac C 2.4m

Virtual Open Days at Baleares International College

Dear families,

Following the opportunities to tour the facilities at our schools, BIC Sa Porrassa and BIC Sant Agustí will be virtually opening their doors to all families who are interested in learning more about our student-centered curriculum, facilities, achievements and values that we promote daily in our schools as well as to gain a great insight into student life at BIC. This will be a unique opportunity for all families to connect with our Principals and senior leaders during a live Q&A session.

Dates and registrations:

BIC Sa Porrassa

Accommodated in a large, custom-built school situated in the beautiful, rural environment of Calvià. The school is in a very accessible location on the southwest coast of Mallorca and has a capacity for over 450 students from 3 to 18 years of age.

BIC Sant Agustí

An Early Years and Primary specialised School located in the high-quality residential environment of Sant Agustí in Palma. The school has a capacity for 160 students from 2 to 11 years of age.

If you wish to organise a tour at either or both schools, please contact us directly:

  • San Agustí - office.san@balearesint.net | (+34) 971 403 161
  • Sa Porrassa - registrar@balearesint.net | (+34) 971 133 167

We look forward welcoming you to Baleares International College