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A Parent Webinar - Internet Safety

Dear families,

We are delighted to invite you to our next upcoming BIC Connect webinar for parents about Internet Safety on Thursday 25th March at 5.30pm. It is known that internet safety around young people has become a concern in recent years. At BIC we are committed to protecting our students and providing them with knowledge and understanding of the online environment, to keep them safe and to make them aware of the positive as well as negative effects of its usage.

As part of this programme, the school has organised an afternoon for all our students in school, which includes important activities that will give them different perspectives and will teach them how to use technology correctly.

Our parents' collaboration in this is vital, and we trust that you will work together with us to keep our children safe. The aim of this webinar is to talk about how best you can support your sons and daughters in understanding the impact of technology and to give you useful advise on different tools and systems which will enable your children to be protected whilst surfing.

At the end of the webinar, we will be holding an interactive Q&A session where you will be able to ask any questions you may have as well as share ideas that you think may help.

In order to register for the webinar please click here: A Parent Webinar - Internet Safety

We look forward to welcoming you all.

Kind regards

Mrs Alexandra Tomlinson - Head of Secondary


Dear families,

Exciting news! The time has arrived when all our Year 9 students are preparing for their exciting new educational chapter. During this event, we will give families an overview of all the different subjects available at iGCSE at Baleares International College as well as explain in detail how the subject structures work and exciting upcoming news planned for the next academic year.

As many of you are aware, in Year 10 and Year 11 our students are studying for their iGCSE exams. Towards the end of Year 9 our students make the important decision of which iGCSE subjects they would like to study for the following two years.

At BIC we are proud to offer a wide range of iGCSE subjects which will excite and motivate our students. The aim of this iGCSE Options event is to give our parents, students and prospective families a detailed insight into all our options for the academic calendar 2021-22.

This informative webinar will take place on Tuesday 23rd March at 5.30pm and we urge all parents and students to take part.

At the end of the webinar, we will be holding an interactive Q&A session where you will be able to ask any questions you may have.

In order to register for the webinar please click here: GCSE Options Evening

We look forward to welcoming you all

Secondary Virtual Assembly theme focused on Equality in recognition of International Women´s Day

This week's Secondary Assembly theme focused on Equality in recognition of International Women´s Day which took place on Monday. Ms Tomlinson spoke of the facts relating to the lack of freedom and abuse of women worldwide, reminding students that there is still so much to do in so many countries in ensuring that women are safe from abuse, have freedom of choice and are enabled to live without fear. A list of organisations who work to support women and promote Gender Equality across the globe was shared at the end of the Assembly. Students discussed the issues in their lessons during the day today and many shared how the assembly had inspired them to get involved in making women´s lives better in societies worldwide.

Mr John Barter - Head of Sixth Form

Hums’ the Word

This week we focus on the Humanities in the newsletter, so I want to discuss the merits of A Levels and degrees in this curriculum area, whilst also celebrating International Women’s Day. Back in the day, a degree in a humanities subject was looked down on; the argument was that these subjects were too easy and that students should avoid degrees in this area. Evidence would suggest that this is no longer the case any more and students’ subject choices at BIC would suggest that they don’t subscribe to this historic opinion either. At BIC we offer the following Humanities A Levels:

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Travel and Tourism

Many BIC Sixth Formers choose four Humanities subjects; most choose at least one. These subjects teach the value of skills in reading and research. They teach students how to evaluate and how to structure arguments in written form and in debate. The subject matter is challenging (just ask those students who are taking any of the above subjects) and offers useful insight into the world of work and is therefore valued by employers. They can also give insight into the students' own well-being and allow them to challenge themselves in a personal light. Delivery of these subjects in the classroom encourages the development of vocational skills such as teamwork, empathy and communication; again. But, in the end, I always tell students, ‘do what you enjoy’. Humanities subjects are not for everyone, particularly if they want straight answers, but for many they offer the route to their adult lives and personal fulfilment.

The following articles expand my points:



Whilst these links provide a general outline of the value of the Humanities, in the week of International Women’s Day, I think one amazing young woman showed the value of the Humanities; in this case, a Sociology degree from Harvard University. Amanda Gorman came to my (and most of the rest of the world’s) attention in January by reading her self-penned poem at Joe Biden’s inauguration. The words, along with her poise and confident delivery gave me goosebumps. Born with an auditory impairment that caused her to have a speech impediment in her early childhood, she has grown in self-confidence through her schooling; she is an excellent example of what can be achieved through hard work, persistence and an excellent education. Her education in Sociology, and the imagination it creates, clearly inspires her poetic themes. I wondered whether we were witnessing a US President of the future! Undoubtedly, Amanda Gorman is definitely a fine role model for the young women who are learning at BIC. If you didn’t see her at the time, why not watch her, with your daughters, and witness them be inspired? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whZqA0z61jY

John Barter

Head of Sixth Form


Weekly highlights - Humanities department with a focus on Global Citizenship at Baleares International College

Travel and Tourism project - A student perspective

Year 12 Travel and Tourism students had to plan and carry out a trip as part of their coursework. Each individual had their own role within the team: Jessica (Chairperson), Jessie (Administration), Paula (Finance), Kourosh (Health & Safety) and Lauren (Marketing).

We chose to take Year 10 and 11 Art students to visit the Es Baluard Gallery in Palma. We felt that taking them on this trip would benefit them in their IGCSE Art portfolios. The students were able to explore different artists and gain inspiration which they can now apply to their own artwork. We allocated them time to sketch and gain inspiration from their surroundings. We felt that this was the best option due to the current Covid situation, as restrictions allowed the trip to go forward without any minor interruptions. Overall the trip was a success and we have been told by many of the students that they really enjoyed a day out to socialise, learn and develop new ideas and skills.

We want to thank both the students and parents for supporting us in this venture and allowing us to successfully complete our Travel and Tourism coursework.

The Travel and Tourism Team

Flipped Learning in 6th Form Lesson

We have been very impressed with Year 13 historians. Karla led an expert session where she was able to evaluate a sample essay provided by the exam board. Learning how to critique work is a very important skill that humanities subjects develop in the students at BIC. This will help students to be able to edit their own work at university so that they are always aiming for the very best results. Flipped learning also helps to grow presentation skills which are essential for so many professions. It is proven that teaching other people helps to consolidate prior learning, so if parents would like to ask their children to try to explain a recent topic it will really help to promote deep understanding.

Beth Coutts

Head of Humanities

In Year 7 this term, students have been finishing their study of Islam and moving onto learning about Judaism. The students completed an assessment where they had to compare Christianity and Islam and suggest ways in which they are similar and different.

In Year 8 this term, students are studying the topic of human rights. This included a session when the studentstook part in activities around Holocaust Memorial Day and looked at the role of some heroes of the Holocaust who risked their lives to save others who were suffering persecution. We have looked at the history of human rights and how and why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights came to be created. The moral questions around what happens when human rights conflict with each other have also been discussed. As other Year groups, Year 8 have also been learning about the role of the United Nations and about the possibility of being involved in a Model United Nations club within the school.

Year 8 have completed an assessment this term which allowed them to use and demonstrate a range of skills common across humanities subjects. They were required to recall or research to record information and to complete a piece of extended writing using evidence from a series of sources.

Year 9 have begun learning about genocide. Students will focus on Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur before investigating the current situation in China with the Uigher community.

Students in Year 12 and 13 have been lucky enough to have a virtual visit from a local businessman and entrepreneur to talk to them about what it takes to start your own business. They were very engaged with the presentation and asked lots of interesting questions. They, too, took part in a lesson based on Holocaust Memorial Day. Over the coming weeks they will be having further virtual visitors and will be looking at the role of the UN and the MUN. GC lessons in the Sixth Form also cover topics to prepare students for life when they leave BIC, such as university entrance and gap year opportunities.

Science department news

This week, some of our younger students in KS3 have been learning about the Earth’s magnetic field in the context of the Northern and Southern Lights on Earth and beyond.

In Year 8, our students deviated from the curriculum plan slightly to enjoy learning a little more about the NASA Mars programme. The students learnt just how hard it is to keep space hardware clean before teams at NASA embark on groundbreaking research to look for evidence of astrobiology in our solar system. Our students are certainly convinced that our skin is a breeding ground for microorganisms that must not be allowed to contaminate space!

Sports department news

Well done everybody!

Volleyball inter-House competition in Year 7

  1. 1st place: Roosevelt
  2. 2nd place: Parks
  3. 3r place: Winton
  4. 4th place: Galileo

English department news

Year 7 students have created presentations for some of Shakespeare’s most loved plays. Others have explored Shakespeare’s famous quotations.

Here are a few examples:

Year 9 students have just completed WIlliam Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Here is an example of some homework tasks they have completed:

Year 11 students are exploring Unseen Poetry. Here are some examples of the student’s final responses:

Others are writing essays on the role and presentation of characters in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Year 13 are evaluating how gender is presented in their studied texts; The Great Gatsby and A Raisin in the Sun:

Make a Shelfie Competition!

Thank you everyone who submitted a shelfie! You have all received a point for your house! Can you spot your shelfie?

And the winner was... Ismene in Year 8B - Congratulations!

Creative arts department news

Filming is underway with students in Creative Media. Students have spent the last few weeks researching and planning their chosen charity to create a promotional video in which they are required to persuade one of the six media companies to invest in their charity advertisement.

Please see the images below for a little sneak preview of the hard work they are putting in. Final submission date is 19th March.

We are all very excited to see the end results.

Week commencing Monday 22nd March will see students move onto their third creative subject.

Whole School House System news

MOVIE HOUSE COMPETITON - Think you are a world class actor or camera whizz?

Extreme Read Gallery

House Points Totals Update - Term 2


Overall total House Points


Teacher Feature - Mr Liam Somers

I always knew I wanted to help people to become better versions of themselves and all my previous experiences were shaped around that. From football coaching, working as a support worker in a mental health, to being a personal trainer and even a swimming instructor.

Whilst living on the island from 2013-2015, I experienced working with children during summer camps. Although it was only a 6-week sports filled spell in the sun, I knew it was something that I wanted more of and so I moved back to England with my family to start my teaching assistant qualification. After 2 years of working within some outstanding schools in the UK, we decided it was time to return to Mallorca and bring my newfound skills and experiences with me, couple them with my enthusiasm and hunger to learn and start a new chapter on the island.

I´m now in my third year of being a teacher/assistant on the island and have continued to collect more experience from working in several fantastic international schools here in Mallorca. I´m now in a role and setting where I feel I can help the children thrive and I really feel that BIC is in keeping with the high standards and expectations I also share.

Outside of school, I am very busy with my own children and helping them to become the best people they can be but when I have a few spare minutes to myself, I enjoy watching football, paddle boarding and attempting to play the guitar.