Now That’s What I Call Lock Down! BBC Radio Five Live

A 17 year old student from Santa Ponça became a national UK radio star this weekend. Jess Gilson, who attends Baleares International College, Sa Porrassa had her self-penned tune, ‘Stay’ played on BBC Radio Five Live in their ‘Now that’s what I call lock down’ slot. Jess wrote the song during lock down last year but in her very self-effacing manner, didn’t have the confidence to bring it to the attention of the entire school.

But after some thinking, I agreed. I thought that it might bring a smile to people’s faces and brighten up their day, as I knew people needed something to keep them going and feel that they are not alone. I always think music brings people together, so that’s what made me change my mind. I love helping people and seeing people smile; so I thought it would be a great idea. Everyone loved it, which made me smile as well.
Jess Gilson, Sixth Form student at BIC commenting on her song

That smile is now even bigger after she was persuaded to send the song to the BBC. Initially Jess was not sure that she wanted to do that.

People think that I am confident when I’m up on stage performing, but I’m really not. Like most musicians, or humans for that matter; I think that I’m rubbish and I can’t sing. No matter how many times people tell me how talented I am, it doesn’t seem to sink in.
Jess Gilson, Sixth Form student

The show’s presenter, Chris Warbuton responded positively to the song saying ‘Thanks for getting in touch. I'm glad our little feature has travelled all the way to Spain. It's a lovely song and you should be really proud of it. I'm really glad you had the confidence to send it to me. When people tell you that you are talented then start believing them. I can't guarantee that we'll get it on air cos we've been inundated but fingers crossed.’

So, when he played the song on Sunday morning, Jess was surprised and over-joyed. When asked about her reaction, she said ‘Oh My Gosh! Shocked and amazed. My hands are shaking… it doesn't seem real. She was characteristically wanting to pass the credit on to others, thanking the teachers at BIC for their support.

Thank you all so much for your support with everything I do, especially with my music. This school has given me so many opportunities to boost my confidence and perform at so many events. Thank you for helping me do one of the things I love most.
Jess Gilson, Sixth Form student

Ms Colwell, Headteacher at BIC, thanked her for showing the best of BIC and put the credit down to Jess’s talent and hard work. ‘

Jess is a fantastic student who is an excellent role model for her peers; she makes such a positive contribution to so many areas of school life.
Alison Colwell, Principal at BIC Sa Porrassa, commenting on Jess' success

Jess’s spot in the limelight can be heard on the BBC Sounds website: (Go to 32 minutes)