We place a high value on our enrichment programmes at Baleares International College. Enrichment activities are designed to give students the opportunity to try new things, learn new skills, further broaden the curriculum, follow their passions and work in teams, growing their confidence and love for learning.

At BIC we give our students the opportunity to learn in different ways and offer them a wide range of experiences beyond the timetabled curriculum and classroom. Ms Alison Colwell, Principal, said, “Having a broad and balanced curriculum is at the heart of every great school. We are so excited by the introduction this school year of our Activities Afternoon, whereby students get the opportunity to engage in a wide range of enriching and fun activities.”

During these Activities Afternoons our students can choose from a wide range of options (nearly 30 in all) and will change at the end of each term, providing a range of opportunities over the course of the year. A student might learn tree climbing in term 1, polish their debating skills in term 2 and improve their chess in term 3. Another student might choose to play guitar in term 1, learn the basics of First Aid in term 2 and experience a mindfulness session in term 3.

Our first Activities Afternoon yesterday was incredible; Ms Tomlinson summed it up perfectly:

As I walked around, every student wanted to show me what they were doing, learning and enjoying. I took away snapshots of hands punching the air during a win in an adventure board game, students gathered around their basketball, netball and volleyball teachers in a camaraderie fostered during the afternoon; of knots being knotted and of students telling me how hard it is to knit but how proud they were of what they had finished already; of the focus in a dance; being stretched out on a table outside for resuscitation and the glee of spray painting in the playground! Electricity in chess and the calmest and best smelling classroom possible in mindfulness. The competitive spirit of cards, the concentration in tuning guitars, the intensity of debate and discussion. Laughter in French and Spanish, showing off triceps in callisthenics, excitement as the taxi sped off to golf and horse riding!
Mrs Tomlinson, Head of Secondary

These afternoons allow students to really concentrate on a (maybe) new activity, to spend quality time with their teachers and peers, to bond in new ways, and be given the time and the opportunity to form new friendships and connect through new experiences and interests.