On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th, BIC Sant Agustí and BIC Sa Porrassa celebrated “Wear it Pink Day!

Our schools were filled with Pink vibes all around and throughout the day holding a series of fairs to raise awareness of breast cancer to support AECC Baleares (the Balearic Island Cancer Association). It was a whole school effort, with tremendous support from parents, teachers and students. Together we raised a significant amount of money and we would like to express our most sincere thank you to everyone who contributed and celebrated this special day with us.

In preparation for the fair, children from all year groups decorated the classrooms with pink elements, both staff and students had dressed in pink, and the whole school looked fantastically pink!

Ms Virginia, Early Years teacher at BIC Sant Agusti, started the event back in 2017 when she found out that one of our school mums was affected by this illness. Aware that this is an issue that touches many families in our community, she was keen to organise an even bigger and better event year after year.

However, for her, it's not just about raising money.

Most people know someone who has been affected by the disease, so it’s an issue that’s close to all of us. As well as raising money, it is about spreading the word.”

Virginia RabadánEarly Years specialist teacher, BIC Sant Agustí

Please enjoy the photos, but don’t forget to check yourself regularly, and also check out these websites for more information: www.aecc.es and www.nationalbreastcancer.org.

I was just sitting in my car looking at the children going into school in pink and I am overwhelmed with emotion! It is such a simple idea but it is just so powerful! Thank you so much for raising awareness like this, it's brilliant!

A parent at Baleares International College