Welcome back and welcome!

Those words are so simple to say and yet mean so much. Like so many of our expressions, we can say them without actually thinking what they truly mean and the impact they can have. The summer holidays have been and gone, hopefully with many exciting and happy events, gatherings and experiences taking place for everyone. Now it is time to look forward to the year ahead, but reflecting on the changes which have taken place for everyone during the holidays.

The children have enjoyed their first days back, settling back into a routine. My assembly today was about changes and being in new situations. Many of the children have new uniform, new haircuts, new pencil cases and new shoes. Although it is lovely to have new things, which we should never take for granted, sometimes these new things can also feel a little strange until we get used to them. For example, a new shirt can feel a little uncomfortable or a new pencil case could have a zip which is stiff. We may all feel a little uncomfortable in new situations, no matter how old we are. We need to remember that a worn out, old pair of shoes which are now very comfortable also used to be new, shiny and a little tight until they are worn in and fit us properly. Although everything is new to the children in the first couple of days, they will very soon become even more comfortable in their new surroundings, whether that is a new classroom or a new school.

Our building is freshly painted, looking shiny and new, but the heart of the school does not change…..the little school with the big heart welcomes everyone back or into the BIC Sant Agustí family.

We are looking forward to the next term and the next academic year – we have lots of exciting things planned for everyone!

Best wishes,

Mrs Short


Baleares International College, San Agustí