Dear parents,

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and that everyone has returned back to school ready and raring to go for Term 3, the last term of this academic year, which is hard to believe!

Term 3 is always a wonderful term in the primary school year as the final term is where it all starts to come together and all the teaching and learning in the previous two terms starts to show as children show their skills and understanding. It is also the term where the children begin to adapt and as well as enjoying their final term in their class, begin to look ahead to the next class and the next year. Everyone will move on and it is always exciting to think ahead to the future!

However we have a fantastic term ahead with lots of plans and ideas which we are sure the children will get involved with. We have recently made our International Library which contains books which children can read in their home language. Although we obviously teach in English, we want the children to occasionally be able to read and enjoy a book in their home language, which is also very beneficial to their education. If you have any children's reading books in languages such as Danish, Italian, Swedish, French, Norwegian, Russian and so on, which your children have finished with, they would have a lovely home in our library if you would like to donate them. They would be very much appreciated!

We are all looking forward to having a great Term 3!

Kind regards

Janice Short, Principal

Baleares International College, Sant Agustí