Books are the key to other worlds which enrich our minds.

At BIC we aim to instil the love of reading in our students, actively encouraging them to read from a wide genre of books, and from a diverse range of authors. We pride ourselves on the success of our English language provision at BIC. Celebrating World Book Day is something we look forward to every year.

On Thursday 4th March BIC Sant Agustí and BIC Sa Porrassa celebrated World Book Day where we invited all our students, teachers and staff to dress up as their favourite book character! Students from Early Years to Sixth Form came together to appreciate reading. Very loudly and very happily. The main aim of 'World Book Day' at BIC is to encourage children to explore the pleasure of books.

World Book Day was a wonderful event full of stories, celebrations, costumes and inspiring young readers. Some very creative costumes were paraded across the playground! Children were engaged in different reading activities throughout the day. It has been an ideal day for all children to learn more about books and authors they already love, and get to know the books and authors that they had yet to discover!

Reading and celebrating the value of books with our students at BIC continues to be one of our core principles to enhance our students' academic journey.