An amazing expedition in Tenerife

Year 10-12 students have enjoyed the trip of a lifetime in Tenerife. Known for its beautiful sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and volcanos, our students have done a lot more than sunbathe!

They've been learning about the geography and biology of this dramatic landscape - the stunning scenery and perfect weather were simply a bonus.

Their trip included a hike through the banana plantations in Puerto de la Cruz, leading to large unspoilt beaches of volcanic sand. Next stop was Los Gigantes where they met some of the local residents and learned about local customs such as "baño de las cabras". Also, they met pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. They learned about these beautiful creatures' habitat.

The final cherry on top of this geographical extravaganza was a visit to UNESCO world heritage site, San Cristóbal de la Laguna, the ancient capital of Tenerife. This town boasts the same layout that it had in the 15th century, but not completely devoid of mod-cons, students also visited the Museum of Science and Cosmos.

Finally, the students were lucky enough to go to the top of Teide and spent the night star gazing, the perfect way to end the year and welcome the summer.