Once again this year, the sports day becomes a great success among students

On Friday 31 May, we celebrated our long-awaited Sports Day, an event that brought together all the secondary students of Baleares International College, Sa Porrassa for a full day of physical activity and competitive spirit. From early in the morning, the Magaluf Athletics Track was full of energy and enthusiasm, with all the various activities that the teachers had prepared.

The day started with the 200m races, and the shot put. There was no shortage of other athletics events - long jump, high jump and races of all distances, which allowed our young athletes to shine on the track.

One of the most exciting moments of the day was the relay race, where several students demonstrated their speed and teamwork in intense and exciting heats. The day ended with the presentation of prizes to the winners, as well as the announcement of House points with the corresponding trophy to the winner: Roosevelt House.

We congratulate all the winners of the competitions. Their achievements are the result of their hard work and perseverance. We would also like to acknowledge all the participants for their sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

Sports Day at Baleares International College not only celebrates physical activity, but also promotes essential values such as teamwork, respect and self-improvement. We are proud of our school community and look forward to next year's Sports Day, which will undoubtedly continue to promote the love of sport and an active lifestyle.

Thank you all for your participation and see you next year!