The winner of our 25 EUR Come In Bookshop voucher was Oliver Brown in year 8!

At the Christmas fair last year, the library had a stand and Oliver was one of the students that wrote his name and favourite book onto our favourite book list. He cited his favourite book as "Way of the Warrior Kid". We have since purchased this book for our library and will try to purchase the other three in the series.

We think many of the students will enjoy to read this series. Oliver reported that "Way of the Warrior Kid" is his favourite book because it motivates him to be a better person and to face his challenges. The author, Jocko Willink, inspires him and makes him want to be the best version of himself every day.

Oliver looks forward to the long awaited opening of our library and we hope that we will be able to stock more of the books that our students will enjoy to read. Get ready to immerse your children in a world of imagination, knowledge and endless possibilities.

Our collection of books spans a wide range of genres and topics, catering to the diverse interests of our young readers. Our library will not just be a space for reading, but a haven for exploration, creativity and discovery. We have cozy reading areas and an atmosphere that will spark your child's love for learning. Watch this space for news on the opening of our school library.