"We often give children answers to remember instead of problems to solve" - Roger Lewis

My name is Macarena Llull and I have had the great pleasure of joining the Languages team at Baleares International College this year.

For me, teaching is the essential pillar for children to acquire not only knowledge, but also tools to grow and develop a critical spirit and to have their own ideas. It is said that they will be the citizens of the future, but they already are members of our society and deserve to know the world around them. They are our future and our present; what they learn now will be the essence of what they will be as adults.

Communication is also an important dimension for me. So, I collaborate with the local radio station, On a Mediterrània, where I use Catalan to talk about different topics from History. I have also worked in archaeological excavations and published different articles in national magazines.

My concerns about the environment and animal rights have led me to activism and soon I will participate in a round table organized by la Universitat de les Illes Balears about veganism.