School trips, by drawing on connections from real-world and real-life experiences, help make the curriculum more relevant for our students and enables the development of knowledge, skills, and understanding in a variety of settings.

School Trips and Educational Visits

Off-site visits are incorporated into the curriculum to enhance student learning. When students are off-site, behaviour expectations remain very high. Detailed information is sent to parents in advance of the trip indicating what materials or clothing might be required, expected timings, arrangements for transportation and dress code (normally uniform, but other clothing may be more appropriate depending on the activity). A trip leader will be identified, and their contact details shared with parents for each trip. (The cost of additional trips and visits are not included in the tuition fees).

Residential Trips

We organise several residential trips during the academic year. These trips are in addition to the regular topic-related outings and are an extremely valuable part of the curriculum. Residential trips are always optional, as they are not included in the school fees, but we aim to keep costs to a minimum in order to encourage all students to participate.

Please ensure that your child’s passport or ID is up to date.

A full risk assessment is carried out for all trips in advance.